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NanoPro is a platform made for companies that want to keep their sensitive data encrypted at all times.

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Companies worldwide trust NanoPro to keep their databases secure and compliant.

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Use any CI platform to collaborate with your team to code, test, and deploy E2E browser and API checks.

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Why NanoPro?

We build, manage, and implement security best practices into the platform so you don't have to. NanoPro is secure by default.

Seamless Compliance

NanoPro helps companies to implement security controls required by compliance programs and regulatory regimes such as CPRA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and SOC 2.

Dual Security Model

We store encryption keys, you store data as you normally would — but fully encrypted.


We process millions of encryption operations daily under an architecture built on isolated, hardened, and highly constrained secure enclaves.

Ultra-Low Latency

We are able to process a huge volume of data packets with an extraordinarily low tolerance for delay.

Inbound Relay

An invisible encryption proxy that allows you to intercept automatically selected sensitive fields before they touch your server.

Outbound Relay

An invisible encryption proxy that allows you to share sensitive data with trusted third-party APIs without any disruption to the intended flow of your data.

Reliable Network

Our unique network architecture eliminates the central chokepoints of legacy solutions that slow teams down and put your security stack at risk of outages and service disruptions.

Device Intelligence

NanoPro enables companies to enforce device restrictions and posture checking for access to corporate resources, with fine-grain access policies based on user, location, and device.

Run from your repository

Store all resources in your Git repo, alongside your application code: just like the unit testing patterns you are familiar with.

Code-first workflow

Code your monitoring on your local machine, test your preview deployments in CI, and monitor in production.

Test & Verify

NanoPro Functions allows you to run logic and workflows, processing operations on fully encrypted data by using secure serverless functions written in Node.js or Python.


Deploy your end-to-end testing and monitoring solution from the command line alongside your application deployments.

Easy to setup

Transform your development workflow with a code-based monitoring process that's programmable, fast, and dependable.

Teardown Scripts

Sign requests, get auth tokens, and run your code before and after your API check.

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Inbound &
Outbound Relay

With a pair of invisible encryption proxies, you can intercept sensitive information and share it with trusted third-party APIs without any disruption to the intended flow of your data.


Perform encryption operations and workflows with language-specific tools directly from your code.

"NanoPro contributed to our security efforts and allowed us to sign larger, security-conscious customers."

John Smith | CTO

Keep sensitive data encrypted

Eliminate the risk of data breaches and streamline compliance without the traditional overhead.

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